Contemporary Balkan Art presents ‘INTERRUPTION’ at Library, Covent Garden

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Contemporary Balkan Art presents ‘INTERRUPTION’ at Library, Covent Garden


 Library, Covent Garden

6 April – 11 May, 2017

Contemporary Balkan Art (CoBA) represents contemporary artists from the Balkan region including Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania & Bosnia.

Based in London, CoBA’s mission is to raise the profile of contemporary artists from the Balkan states.

On 6th April CoBA will present Interruption at LIBRARY on St Martin’s Lane, showcasing 40 individual works from 16 Balkan artists including paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints and graphics.

Interruption’s aim is to bring the Balkan’s rich artistic philosophy to Great Britain and will feature new works by artists from Romania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia.

These artists are the brightest stars of the contemporary Balkan art scene and are currently breaking into the American art market.

The contemporary Balkan art scene is characterized by a common self-reflection, springing from the social conditions which these artists inhabit, with many of the works exploring social commentary and lived experience.

From the collapse of Yugoslav socialism in the early 1990s to the present day, contemporary art from the Balkans is characterized by social fragmentation, cultural interruption and economic uncertainty leading to rapid cultural and demographic changes.

Collectively, their work explores abstract humor to counterbalance existential difficulties arising from a multi-faceted national identity. Included in the exhibition there are also artists whose works reflects the humoristic appropriation of codes of popular culture.

Featured Artists:  Dragos Burlacu · Mirza Decac · Lidija Delic · Aleksandar Dimitrijevic · Roman Djuranovic · Stanimir Genov . Nemanja Golijanin · Nina Ivanovic · Tadija Janicic · Zolt Kovac · Iva Kuzmanovic · Jovana Mladenovic · Petar Mirkovic · Nemanja Nikolic · Emir Sehanovic . Marija Sevic

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