A Closer Look: American Gods (The Folio Society)

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A Closer Look: American Gods (The Folio Society)


By Neil Gaiman

Introduced by the Author and Dave McKean

Illustrated by Dave McKean

• Bound in cloth blocked with a design by the artist • Set in Maxime with Wicked Grit display • 560 pages • Frontispiece and 11 colour illustrations, including 3 double-page spreads • Printed slipcase • 10˝ x 6¾˝

Hot on the heels of the forthcoming Starz television adaptation of the novel – set to be one of the year’s biggest hits – The Folio Society has now released a glorious new edition of Neil Gaiman’s sweeping, multi-award-winning fantasy epic, American Gods, which is without doubt one of their most visually stunning and beautifully produced releases to date.

Just before his release from prison, Shadow learns that his wife has been killed in a car accident. Aimless and in shock, he meets Mr Wednesday, a hustler and con man with a number of peculiar friends.

After accepting a job as Wednesday’s bodyguard and driver, Shadow finds himself on a road trip across the haunted landscape of America and, along with his shady boss, is soon embroiled in a conflict that could destroy them all: a war between the old gods and the new.

“He climbed on the back of a creature with an eagle’s head and the body of a tiger, and held on tight” (page 120)

Having previously collaborated with Neil Gaiman on the graphic novel Violent Cases (their first collaboration), followed by the great comic book series, Sandman, and illustrated editions of Gaiman’s celebrated young adult novels,  The Graveyard Book and Coraline, illustrator Dave McKean seems to obvious choice for this new special collector’s edition, and what a job he does. McKean’s glorious mixed-media images perfectly capture the various layers and themes of Gaiman’s text, effectively bringing to life the fantastical elements of the material in an inspired fashion.

“Shadow saw the old woman, her dark face pinched with age and disapproval, but behind her he saw something huge, a naked woman with skin as black as a new leather jacket, and lips and tongue the bright red of arterial blood” (page 128)

Winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novel, Gaiman’s celebrated novel – expertly fusing aspects of Americana, fantasy and strands of both ancient and modern mythology – of course speaks for itself, touching upon many of the themes first introduced in his earlier works, though what elevates this release further are Folio’s signature cloth binding, McKean’s aforementioned artwork and the classy, printed display slipcase.

For more information on the release, and to purchase your copy, please Click Here.

All Illustrations by Dave McKean from The Folio Society edition of American Gods. © DaveMcKean2017

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