Breakout Chester is now open!

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Breakout Chester is now open!

Breakout Chester is now open!

Live escape room experts Breakout have today opened their brand new Chester site, located on Bridge Street Row, right in the heart of the beautiful and historic City.

The concept is simple. You are locked in a room with family, friends or coworkers, for 60 minutes, and have to solve a series of puzzles and clues to escape.

Searching high and low and working together, are very important, if you want to escape.

You have one hour to escape by using your brain (this may be a problem for a lot of you!), there are no physical activities involved in the games.



Wanted allows players to try their hand at finding escape from a Wild West Saloon with the Sheriff hot on their tail with a warrant for your arrest in hand, but can your also go down in legend as the posse to collect more loot than anyone has ever seen?



Vacancy gives players the chance to get away from it all and put their feet up at the Crimson Lake Motel.

After checking in you find your way to your room and unpack before you remember exactly why the name sounded familiar… The Crimson Lake Motel was connected to all those murders a few months ago!

You try to run, but that’s when you discover that the door to your room has been locked and an ominous 60 minute countdown begins…


This marks a really exciting new venture for Breakout and a new city always brings an exciting new challenge.

The location Breakout has taken over has enough capacity for 9 different rooms, some of which will be unique to Chester.

Breakout Chester is available to book now at

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